Chainge Finance Airdrop Get Free 200 CHNG Token

Get 200 CHNG Tokens Chainge Finance Airdrop

chainge finance

Chainge is launching an airdrop of cryptocurrency for the community. Join the airdrop program and complete social missions, you will receive 200 free points ~ 200 CHNG Tokens. Points will be converted to CHNG tokens at a 1: 1 ratio when the product launches.

Chainge Crypto Airdrop CHNG Tokens – Instructions below:
Create an account and complete the task

Chainge Airdrop Claim 200 free CHNG tokens

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Go to create an account: click on ‘Account’ and create an account using social media or email (check your email to verify). You will get 20 points.
login change finance
Select ‘Your profile’ and connect your Fusion wallet address.
Select ‘Waiting List’ and click ‘Join’ to get 50 points.
Chainge chng token
Complete other quests to earn 200 ~ 200 CHNG Tokens for free. Points will be converted to CHNG tokens at a 1: 1 ratio when the product launches.
get chng
Enter the phone number you will receive 30 CHNG Token
Email address you will receive 5 CHNG Token
Connect WeChat, you will receive 15 CHNG Token
Connecting to Facebook you will receive 15 CHNG Token
Connecting to Twitter you will receive 15 CHNG Token
Connecting to Telegram you will receive 5 CHNG Tokens
Linkedin you get 15CHNG Token
Connecting to Toutiao you will receive 15 CHNG Tokens
Enter the Fusion wallet address you get 30 CHNG Token (go to the link and create a wallet by selecting the Create Wallet button on the menu bar and entering the password, download JSON File, save the private key and login to the wallet only for Fusion wallet in the section PUBLIC ADDRESS)

Chainge Finance

Founder Chainge Finance

Introduction: Founder of Chainge Finance is DJ Qian (co-founder of Anyswap, founder of Fusion, co-founder of Vechain, co-founder of QTUM) – one of the big hands has listed 3 projects on major exchanges including Binance, OKEx, Huobi
DJ Qian entered the crypto industry in mid-2013, starting with developing ASIC chips for Bitcoin mining, and I also built the first mining farm in China.
Read more at the MMA session with Dejun (DJ) Qian on March 5, 2021 mentioned that the Chainge app is being well received by the community and said, “We introduced CHNG tokens, which we do not distribute. add any part to any group or company. All distributed for free to the community ”
All project information you research here: Chainge Project
1. Chainge Finance is a decentralized app built on Fusion Network with the goal of becoming everyone’s digital banking.
2. The main products in Chainge Finance’s Defi ecosystem are DEX, staking, lending, wallet storage, cross-chain wrapping, margin trading fiat trading, liquidity mining, creating smart contracts in a few simple steps and other businesses.
3. The total token supply of Chainge (CHNG) will be calculated by the formula as the total number of tokens issued to the community * 10 = CHNG’s total supply. (For example, if 1M CHNG is airdropped to the community, the total CHNG supply will be 10M).
4. Team does not own any CHNG tokens.
5. Not open to sell tokens to public or private, but can only be obtained through the exchange of points to CHNG with the conversion ratio of 1: 1.
6. The introductory program will start on January 6, 2021 and the process is scheduled to take place within 30 days with an attractive 3-tier ref mechanism.
7. Token Metrics:
10% for community rewards for participating in the referral program (waitlist) before the APP is launched;
15% for in-app rewards;
05% will be for FNS holders and liquidity makers;
10% for third party partners to be distributed pro rata based on the amount of income generated;
30% for reward liquidity farming;
30% for future users to use the app (user incentive reward);

Chainge Finance airdrop claim free CHNG

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