UBU finance project launched farm on Smart Chain BSC

UBU Finance (Universal Binance Union) – is a platform that combines the most advanced DEFI applications with special functions, such as deflation, benefit sharing,… It’s completely decentralized. With the goal of worldwide financial partnerships and making the DEFI platform the most powerful in the cryptocurrency industry, we aim to grow the DEFI platform further.

UBU Finance will be launched at 09:00 UTC, February 25, 2021.

Deflation is integrated into the UBU token contract.

Each Sell transaction will be charged 2% fee. The charge would be automatically added to the UBank contract for disbursing interest to participants in this operation. 

Example: When users sell 100 UBU, they will be charged the fee of 2 UBU (these 2 UBU will be transferred directly to the UBank contract) Thus, this Sell order is executed with the value of 98 UBU.

  • This function works with all UBU trading pairs on PancakeSwap.

  • Users need to set the Slippage >2% for each Sell transaction on PancakeSwap.

tài chính ubu


UBU Token Details

UBU Token Distribution

  • Farm: 54,000,000 UBU 90%

  • Liquidity Seeds: 3,000,000 UBU 5%

  • Provide Liquidity: 3,000,000 UBU 5%After providing liquidity, it will be locked for 6 months

Ubu finance

The project to develop UBU copper current price is 1 USD in principle will run like bscx coin, the price has increased 20 times, and currently, the price of Ubu has only increased from 0.4 USD to 1 USD, the project just released to the community in February this year. There are 5 outstanding applications
UFarm: A big part of the UBU Finance platform is UFarm, which offers extremely high APY to farmers and extends the platform to all other apps.
UPools: Users can take advantage of some valuable coins in the UBU ecosystem by using UBU Token to place bets.
UBanks :  UBank is similar to a traditional bank, except that there are many different savings packages, each offering higher interest rates, and more decentralization.
Lottery: The UBU Lottery, inspired by PowerBall, is one of the first decentralized lottery projects in the Binance Smart Chain.
UBU NFT Market provides a marketplace for art designers, game developers who can trade their goods freely for the lowest fees in a decentralized way.

Depositing Ubank (ubu finance bank)

▪️ 11 days 5% profit
▪ 1-month profit 12%
▪ 3-month profit 40%
▪ 6-month profit 101%
▪ 12-month profit 297%

The longer you save, the higher the APY. However, you will not be able to make a withdrawal until the deadline has passed.

Guide to join Ufarm (ubu finance farm)

We use Metamask wallet using Smart Chain network, select the network in the top menu as shown, if not, add: Go to metamask select Round box -> select settings -> Networks (customize) -> add parameters are shown in the table below and click Save

chuỗi thông minh binance

  • Network Name: Binance Smart Chain
  • New RPC URL: https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/
  • Chain ID: 56
  • Currency Symbol (optional): BNB
  • Block Explorer URL (optional): https://bscscan.com

When using the wallet, note that BNB is required at BSC chain to make fee gas for the 2 pairs you are farming: UBU-WBNB and UBU-BUSD, BUSD bought at Binance and withdrawn to your metamask wallet according to Smart Chain network.


Steps to start joining farm Ubu finance

Step 1: Visit the homepage:


Next connect to the metamask wallet to create an account, after creating an account, go to ufarm to choose the pair you want to farm, depending on the number of coins we have to choose the pair, currently there are a number of high-interest PL pairs. UBU-WBNB and UBU-BUSD are being x 20 times the profit

lp ubu tài chính

We analyze with the above 3 pairs, the USDT pair is the least volatile, you will make 259% profit if compared with 2 pairs of UBU-WBNB and UBU-BUSD, the profit is much worse.

You can buy BNB and BUSD in Binance.com

The UBU-WBNB pair is the LP pool pair between the UBU coin and the BNB coin that will suffer the highest volatility from BNB up and down and UBU east up and down, so this pair will also give you the highest profit if you have BNB coins available. you can join this pair.

The UBU-BUSD pair is a pair of pool LPs between the Binance’s BUSD, a stable coin like USD and UBU that will suffer from fluctuations from the UBU coin up and down this pair will also give us average profits.

You can choose to combine the two pairs of UBU-WBNB and UBU-BUSD is also a good choice, after selecting the pair, we proceed to create Liquidity LP TOKENS by clicking the link “Get LP”

Get LP UBU-WBNB : https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/?_gl=1*1pv

Get LP UBU-BUSD : https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/?_gl=1*404

Step 2: Add a pair of LP liquidity
We have 1 BNB coin we want to raise the UBU-WBNB pair, then click the Get LP UBU-WBNB link above and enter 1 bnb it will calculate the ubu we have to pay or enter the ubu number we have. will calculate the amount you need, then select

Thanh khoản LP ubu

After you are finished adding PL, visit the homepage: https://ubu.finance/

Step 3: Activate farm, choose Ufarm and find the package you want to join, choose Select, the table will appear as follows, you follow the instructions.


farm ubu finance in:  https://ubu.finance/

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