What is Bityard exchange? Review and guide to use Bityard trading platform

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Margin Trading will gradually become the main trend as the market grows. For example, the gold and currency market with large capitalization, very small amplitude fluctuations, so it is impossible to say x2 x3 in a short time. Therefore, in order to make a profitable trade, leverage must be used.
Catching this trend, Bityard has officially launched. This is a derivative exchange with many advantages, easy to use, suitable for newbies.
In particular, Bityard currently has an event airdrop of up to $ 258
To sign up for an account and receive $ 258 task, you visit
bityard trading bonus
bityard trading bonus

What is Bityard?

Bityard is a derivative cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore. Currently, this exchange is serving customers from more than 150 countries. Bityardadheres to the concept of “Detailed contract, easy transaction” to help customers make transactions in the simplest and most convenient way.

Bityard’s strong points

Bityard is designed to simplify transactions. The interface is optimally designed, eliminating redundant functions, giving users an intuitive view. Beginners can easily use it just a few times.


It can be seen that Bitmex’s interface looks rather messy, with many unnecessary functions.

Regulation and Licensing Bityard

One of the points that I appreciate about Bityard is the publicity of financial business licenses right on the website. This helps customers to trust more about the service that Bityard is providing.

Regulation and Licensing Bityard

Brand representation

For those who love martial arts, it can be easily seen that Buakaw Banchamek – Champion Muay Thai is the brand representative for Bityard. Nearly none of Bityard’s competitors spend a lot of money inviting celebrities as brand reps.

BYD platform coin

BYD is a coin issued by Bityard with a total supply of 210 million coins. It plays an important role in Bityard’s ecosystem and will be listed in the future. BYD’s potential will be similar to that of BNB

Cash deposit and support many popular coins

Bityard supports the OTC market so that users can buy and sell USDT with low transaction fees.
Supports 7 popular cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, XRP, USDT, TRX, HT, LINK

Instructions on how to sign up for a Bityard account

To sign up for an account and receive $ 258 task, you visit
Next, select “Register” to begin account registration. If you want to switch to another language, you can choose right next to it
Please enter your email to register, then click “Get code” to receive the verification code. Log in to your email to get your verification code and enter the box “Email code”.
Finally, enter your password and click “Register” and you have successfully registered your account

Trading guide on Bityard

First, you need to click on “Trade” at the top to enter the transaction page.


You will be redirected to Bityard’s transaction page. Looking at the design is very intuitive, easy to understand, just by looking, it is possible to imagine how to place orders. Show that the Bityard = Simple idea works very well.

Pay attention to the box on the right, you can choose to buy / sell depending on your strategy, below is the leverage levels from x20 – x100. After placing your order, you can check the order and fees below.

Instructions for receiving bonus airdrop of $ 258

To participate in the quest to receive rewards up to $ 258, you go to the reward. Here, complete the tasks required by Bityard to receive rewards

bityard trading bonus

To sign up for an account and receive $ 258 task, you visit

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