What is MXC? registration guide for MXC.COM trading platform

What is MXC exchange?

MXC is a cryptocurrency exchange, founded by a team of leading experts from Wall Street, Blockchain technology experts from Japan and Europe.
MXC exchange is not only a cryptocurrency trading platform, but also provides Blockchain asset circulation service to bring more security, intelligence and convenience.

MXC exchange fees

Before you trade on any cryptocurrency exchange, it’s important to know exactly how much money you’ll have to pay to trade on it, you don’t want to throw away precious profits, right? In general, almost every exchange has two main types of fees: deposit and withdrawal fee and transaction fee.

Transaction fee: 0.2% of transaction volume
Deposit fee is free and withdrawal fee can be found directly here

MXC exchange review


The exchange has many features and trading markets, from spot trading to smart contract trading and has many attractive incentive programs for MX holder.
In addition to KYC verifying the identity, the MXC also allows the security layer of Anti-Fishing to confirm official information from the exchange.
The referral commission program of the floor MXC ranges from 20% – 80% depending on the number of MX people holding.
With MXC, people can withdraw up to 5 BTC / day without having to perform KYC operation. After completing the KYC, the withdrawal limit will be raised higher.


Complex interface
MXC’s interface is somewhat complicated and informative. In my opinion, it’s not newbie-friendly.
There are many errors from the system
Besides, the floor also encountered some “frozen” errors in some features of deposit and withdrawal when I experienced.

Information of coin exchange MX Token

Currently, the exchange MXC has issued its own coin called “MX Token”. MX holders can enjoy a wide range of rights and benefits including IEOs, team voting, reduced transaction fees …
60% of transaction fee will be used as bonus distributed to MX holders. The remaining 40% of transaction fee will be used for MX redemption and monthly burn.

Register for MXC

Step 1: Access the homepage of MXC at https://www.mxc.com/, then change the floor language to Vietnamese and press the button “Register”.

Fill out the information including:
Confirm password:
Email Verification Code: Click “Click to Sign UP” to receive the code to your email account, then copy and enter this box.
Invitation code: 16EKQ
Click “I have read and agree …” and select “Register” to complete the account registration step.
After email verification is complete, do not forget to activate the 2FA feature to protect your account, as well as open the withdrawal feature if needed.
user center mxc
complete security settings

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